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Leora Consulting possesses a wide range of experience in many areas of non-profit management.  Capabilities include:
Financial Consulting Services
  • Operational results analyses

  • Feasibility assessments

  • Market and opportunity analyses

  • Budget assistance

  • Pro forma operational modeling

  • Financial sensitivity analyses

Credit Services
  • Organizational credit review

  • Credit rebuilding and capacity

  • Credit documentation

  • Integration credit into strategic planing

  • Interest rate & credit cost monitoring

Lender Selection Process
  • Lender packaging and presentations

  • Issuance cost development & evaluation

  • Financing option review

  • Cash flow coordination

  • Pricing advice and negotiation

  • Coordination with other banking service needs

Strategic & Long Range Planning
  • Integrating financial plans into long range strategic plan

  • Multi-year land and facility capital plans

  • Sensitivity analysis for long-range financial assumptions

  • Debt accounting, reporting & compliance planning assistantance

Fund Raising Coordination
  • Coordination with capital campaign managers & consultants

  • Campaign literature review

  • Benevolent investor options

  • Analyzing financing-to-grant opportunities

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