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                 Miriam Sevy
                 Founder, Leora Consulting Group LLC


Miriam served as the President of Leora Consulting Group for 15 years. She served as a financial advisor to over 70 non-profit and local government organizations in the Pacific Northwest.


Miriam’s proudest achievement was the Burkitt’s Lymphoma Fund Africa (  After a trip with PATH in 2009, Miriam was so moved by her trip and the subsequent research showing that there were no non-profit organizations supporting treatment that she decided to form one of her own. In 2010, Miriam founded BLFA. Within twelve months, BLFA raised over $300,000 in cash and significant in-kind donations from Direct Relief International.


Miriam also served as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair for Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle: and taught Finance at Seattle University and Pacific Lutheran University. Miriam graduated from Harvard University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.


Miriam sadly passed away in February of 2015 but her legacy lives on in those she has loved and helped as well as in the founding principals on which Leora continues to operate today.

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