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G42 Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest


Leora Consulting LLC is not aware of any potential or actual conflict of interest.  If Leora Consulting LLC becomes aware of any additional potential or actual conflict of interest after this disclosure, Leora Consulting LLC will disclose the detailed information in writing to its clients in a timely manner.


Leora Consulting LLC represents that the fees due to Leora Consulting LLC are based on hourly fees of municipal advisor work performed, with the aggregate amount equaling the number of hours worked by personnel times an agreed-upon hourly billing rate. Leora Consulting LLC hereby discloses that this form of compensation presents a potential conflict of interest if the client and Leora Consulting LLC do not agree on a reasonable range of fees upon engagement, because Leora Consulting LLC does not have a financial incentive to recommend alternatives that would result in fewer hours worked and the potential of performing unnecessary work that creates additional hours. This conflict of interest will not impair Leora Consulting LLC’s ability to render unbiased and competent advice or to fulfill its fiduciary duty to its clients.


Legal Events and Disciplinary History


Leora Consulting LLC does not have any legal events and disciplinary history on its Form MA and Form MA-I, which includes information about any criminal actions, regulatory actions, investigations, terminations, judgments, liens, civil judicial actions, customer complaints, arbitrations and civil litigation.  You may electronically access Leora Consulting LLC's the most recent Form MA and each most recent Form MA-I filed with the Commission at the following website:


There have been no material changes to a legal or disciplinary event disclosure on any Form MA or Form MA-I filed with the SEC.

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