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Our Three Step Process

Your organization is dynamic and has current and long term needs that change based on your funding base, government support and your communities needs.  As these needs and goals change, we are here to help guide you on how to maximize all the sources of funding available so that you can continue to do the good you do.

Leora has earned a reputation for creative problem solving, market insight and active collaboration with our clients. We have assisted non-profit organizations with a three step approach:
Step One - Discovery

The Development of a Short Term and Long Term Financing Plan


  • We begin by reviewing your current financial position, working with staff and board members to get a sense of where you currently are. 

  • Next, we review and help with your projections so that we are able to develop a strategic financial plan that is inline with your organization's mission.

  • Determine what your capacity is as well as financing needs.

  • Evaluate credit strengths and weakness.

  • Finally, we will make recommendation on how to enhance credit position and your ability to service debt.


This phase alone will help your organization gain clarity, continuity, and better insight into how to use current assets as well as see what is possible.

Step Two - Going To Market

Finding the perfect Financing Partners

  • Once phase one is finished, we are better able to fine tune your financing goals and create a financial plan so that we can chart the path between the two.

  • A draft Request for Proposal (RFP) is created that incorporates financing goals which are circulated to potential lenders who we think are the best fit for your needs.

  • A complete review and analysis of the proposals and how to structure the costs and recommendations to best fit the financing goals is done.

Step Three - Implementation

Implementation of Financing

  • Once we have received all the responses from lenders, we negotiate and finalize financing terms and conditions on your behalf.

  • We assist in preparation, review of financing documents, and provide tax analysis as needed.

  • Finally, we coordinate all closing activities with the financing teams and other professionals.

Ongoing Support

We are always available to provide assistance with reporting requirements as well as provide market updates.

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