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Our Process

VERSATILITY – Leora has earned a reputation for creative problem solving, market insight and active collaboration with our clients. We have assisted non-profit organizations with a three step approach:
Step One - Discovery
Step One - Discovery
  • Developing a financing plan that allowed for construction of multiple facilities over an extended period;
  • Assembling relevant documents & drafting request for proposals for banking /underwriting services;
  • Assisting a non-profit board with negotiation of credit terms and conditions;
  • Developing a long-term campus development strategy integrating both debt & fundraising;
  • Creating a financial model to analyze the benefits of various debt structures & the costs and benefits of refinancing outstanding mortgages.
Step Two - Going To Market
  • Go to banks.  Our relationships over the past 20 years assists in making the process consistent and ...

  • Implementation of the best financial solutions that you have identified.

Step Three - Implementation
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